Feed Broken...now fixed.

For some reason, the RSS2 feed on the blog quit generating any content. I thought it was a Feedburner issue but it turned out to behave the same when I accessed the Wordpress-generated version directly. I then thought it might be my new pretty site theme but checking Google Reader, I saw that the feed broke last weekend or so, before I put the new theme up, and my posts since then had not appeared.

It is still broken and I’m not sure how to fix it. It seems like a possible bug. On a plus note, the Atom feed works fine as it turns out. Since Feedburner converts the feeds to multiple formats anyway and the feeds that most people have are from there, I converted Feedburner to use the Atom feed. It should all be working now.

If you’re seeing this on the site but have no items in the feed from here, resubscribe to the feed. You are probably using a pre-feedburner version of my feed with RSS2.