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Podcasts of Interest

I listen to quite a few podcasts while walking or driving in the car (I have a connector for my iPod in the car).

I wanted to give people a list of some of my favorite podcasts.

  • Buddhist Geeks (feed) - This is a fairly recent podcast done by a trio of, well, Buddhist Geeks. They interview a variety of Buddhist teachers and are probably pretty closely aligned to a lot of my thought on Buddhism.
  • 12 Byzantine Rulers (feed) - A phenomenal podcast on the history of the misnamed Byzantine Empire through 12 of its emperors. This is a fun podcast to listen to if you have any interest in history.
  • alchemically braindamaged (feed) - Zac's podcast on magic and spirituality. He's a Buddhist practitioner with a background in Western occult practices so a lot of what he says makes pretty solid sense to me. I don't agree with some of what he goes on about but it is an exceptionally interesting podcast. This has probably been, over time, my favorite podcast.
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (feed) - This is an excellent podcast on history. I've been enjoying this a massive amount recently. Dan also has a podcast called "Common Sense", which I just subscribed to as well. I haven't listened to much of it yet though.
  • Path of the Ekayana (feed) - This is Rev. Jiun Foster's podcast. He's is the abbot of Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple, which is the organization that I am "attached" to and he's my primary Buddhist teacher. He's also all that and a bag of chips. The podcast is mostly audio from teachings given during group practice on Sundays and a few classes.
  • Unfettered Mind (iTunes only feed) - This is Ken McLeod's audio of Buddhist retreats and classes that he teaches. Ken is a Vajrayana teacher in Los Angeles and I've gotten a lot of his Buddhist material. He recently started up "Unfettered Questions" as a Q&A audio podcast as well.
  • Cory Doctorow's (feed) - Cory Doctorow is a well known science fiction writer (he won a Locus award yesterday for the third year in a row). He's also a technology and privacy pundit who used to be an evangelist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He uploads talks by him (including one that I recorded!) and readings of his stories.

Please check these out. If you have any suggestions of podcasts for me, please feel free to leave me comments or e-mail me as well.