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A Thought Occurs...

Perhaps I don’t need this super long fifth chapter which summarizes the view of the soul in the Western philosophical and religious traditions. I have spent several chapters before that defining Western Esotericism and going over its content, going over the history of the Golden Dawn, and then discussing its structure and initiation rituals (as well as how they cause it to fit within the overall context of Western esotericism).

Perhaps I should just go straight into discussing the Golden Dawn’s spiritual thought and view of the soul and avoid the mire of a 35 page chapter that discusses the soul in the West in every OTHER context…

Of course, that means I’ve wasted much of the last month and a half that I used to beat my head against this fifth chapter but I’d rather realize that now.

The other idea that someone on a grad student list for my program suggested is just to really cut cut cut on this chapter and summarize heavily. Turn the current 27 pages plus other areas into eight or ten pages.