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Seattle Soon

The Friday after this next (4/20), I will be in Seattle for the weekend.

My firm plans so far are as follows:


  • Arrive and get car in morning
  • Lunch with Microsoft friends
  • Coffee following lunch with Pleiades
  • Maybe hit a few old haunts...
  • Dinner with Denny and Sophia
  • ???
  • Sleep in Denny and Sophia's yurt in their backyard


  • Out early - Breakfast with ??
  • Get Madeline (my daughter), spend day out and about with precocious 11 year old.
  • Dinner with ???
  • Late evening/night with ???
  • Find a motel or someplace to stay


  • Brunch somewhere - either with grandparents or ???
  • Kick around a little, maybe see Madeline for a while.
  • Head to airport in late evening.

Several readers of my blog have spoken at a couple of points about seeing me. This is your chance to speak up and work something out if you’re around.  Aron, Dana, Catherine,  and Sean  have all said something about getting together.

Let’s talk in e-mail or comments if you’re interested.

Off to bed.