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Geek Moments...

We had this conversation in the kitchen area at work yesterday about Star Wars. Now, by some accounts, that might be bad enough but this is a tech company after all…

What we wound up discussing was spin-off novels because I’ve been talking online to Sean Williams recently, who has co-written a trilogy of them and has more coming out in the next year.

So, you had a bunch of geeks standing in the kitchen of a Bay Area startup debating continuity in comparing Star Wars novels read as a child (like Splinter of the Mind’s Eye or the Han Solo series of books) with the current “Expanded Universe” continuity. The general consensus is that Lucas used to let people have a lot more fun.

Also, many of us are closet Star Wars fans who had our childhood memories burned, crushed, and then eviscerated by the combination of the re-edits of the original movies followed by the abysmal prequels that should have been just left to novels or not at all.

Remember, Han shot first!