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I’m getting ideas for writing projects post-thesis again. I still want to try my hand at writing fiction but most of the ideas that come to me are for non-fiction projects. There are probably some essays on Esotericism that I could write but I’m not sure where they would be published unless I wanted to try to do this as academic pieces for the Pomegranate or Aries.

The book ideas from the last few days (to be added to the file):

  1. Gnosticism Today: There is no good survey or overview of modern Gnosticism. This areas runs the full gamut from the non-Christian Gnosticism of the Ordo Templi Orientis to the near Roman Catholicism of Stephen Hoeller's Ecclesia Gnostica with a huge amount of variety in-between. It would be an interesting to give a short history of modern Gnosticism's twists and turns since the late 19th century through to today and to then give a short overview of a number of organizations, their leaders, theology or practices, etc. Unlike many ideas of mine, this one would probably be publishable by someone...
  2. Swords of the High Plateau: Imagine John Carter of Mars crossed with the Epic of Gesar in a fantastic world where Indian and Tibet folklore and mythology exists literally and objectively as depicted in the stories. Our hero working to fulfill the prophecies of Padmasambhava and retrieve the hidden treasure scrolls guarded by the dakinis. All with the help of a crazy yogi or two, a treasure finder, and the hosts of the gods. The opposition would be those crazy sorcerers and mundane gods who wish the world to be as it is and to maintain their power. See Mount Meru! See the Pure Lands (however briefly). Feel the worlds shake! I think this could work but I may not be even vaguely capable of writings Edgar Rice Burroughs tradition fiction that reads well (and well in the current climate almost 100 years later). There is also the problem of running the risk of offending someone Tibetan by depicting elements derived from their folklore and teachings in a manner that they dislike...