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Man, I should not have had that half pot of coffee about, oh, 8:00 PM. I’m a bit too wired now and it’s 11:20 PM or so. Not a good sign…

I suppose that I’ll be up for a while now.

On a plus note, I just finished my last paper for my last full class in my Master’s program. I was forced to do, effectively, two of my previous papers. The last paper is roughly double the size of the first two but on one topic or on two of the topics that you haven’t already done. Since I did not like either of the single topics or found them horribly unwieldy, I wound up doing two previous topics. Each one of those is the equivilant of one of my earlier papers in this class, which strikes me as unfair but, you know, fuck it, I’m done.

At this point, I barely care what grade I get. I started this program in January, 2005 and the only thing that I have left is a one credit thesis prep class and my thesis. Up to this point, I have a 4.0 GPA as well so, in the grand scheme of themes, I could completely barf this paper and I’d still be fine (assuming that I got a decent grade on my second paper, which is unreturned currently). I’m just glad to be done with the classes stage of graduate school and moving on to the “writing what I sure as hell actually want to write about” thesis stage.