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Books to Write

I occasionally ponder books that I could write when I have more free time. This will be after my master’s thesis is finished in a year or so.

So far, I’m thinking of:

  • A short history of American fascism in the earl 20th century - This would be a popular directed book for educated readers (not scholars) on the fascist movements in the U.S. in the early 20th century. There has got to be some interesting material here and it doesn't seem well covered. American communism is an alternative but I think fascism needs better coverage given the current world. The idea here is a 250 or 300 page readable book on the topic.
  • A work on the 1893 Parliament of World Religions (or the Eastern teachers that came for this) - Talk about the Buddhist and Hindu teachers that arrived, give some history and context, talk about what they did afterwards. This is a fascinating topic area.
  • A history of American Rosicrucians during the 20th century - Lots of material here but maybe not a lot of accessible primary source material. Think about how big AMORC and similar were at various points...
  • An introduction to Tendai Buddhism for Western readers - There are lots of popular books on Zen and there are now two or three on Shin (Pure Land) Buddhism from Japan. There is no popular book on Tendai or Mikkyo (Japanese Vajrayana) in general. There is a single book on Shingon but I'm not sure if it is still in print.

Some of these might sell better than others. I have a feeling that the Tendai book would probably do well.